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So! I'm still alive! But going through an obvious hiatus. I haven't been able to draw anything decent for a reaaaaally long time, but I'm planning to stop that real soon.

Right now I'm working on something and it's nearly finished, but I can't submit it yet because it's supposed to be a present for a friend, and she has no idea what's going on. I'm giving it to her next week when she's coming to spend a couple of days with me. I'll submit it later, and hopefully, return from this hiatus, though I'm not sure I'll be able to draw anything after this one. Life's hectic!

Anyways! I just wanted to write something here so it doesn't feel neglected XD Hope everyone's okay!

Coming back real soon. See you!
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Laziness FTW

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 19, 2011, 5:27 AM
Lazy ass speaking

I'm really sorry if I reply some comments several months later, but my life's been a bit of a mess lately and I can't manage to reply every comment I get... But I'm always really glad of getting feedback on my works, and I'll try my best to answer everything!

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Just.... just....... THANK YOU!!!! T-T

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 24, 2011, 4:48 PM
OMFG I just entered dA and what do I find??



I srly can't even begin to thank you~ :love: :la: :iconlachoirplz: :iconlajumpplz: :iconlacrazyplz: :iconexplodelaplz:

I'll try to write a coherent journal when I get down from this cloud :iconrlytearplz:

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I've been kinda busy lately because lots of things happened, but I haven't forgotten about the "30 days drawing challenge", I'm working on it, bit by bit XD *lazyass* lol.

And I haven't forgotten about Kiriban too, I will draw whatever they want to the one who catches the 5,000th pageview and send a screencap of it. :')

I already miss my journal skin T__T
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Hm... so...

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 8, 2011, 3:55 PM
So, people! I found this somewhere:

Drawing Challenge

And I'm so into this. See you this month. :la:

challenge accepted

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Journal Entry: Thu Jul 7, 2011, 8:32 AM
Hi there guys!

I need help!

"If the world ended tomorrow, what would you do today?"

I have to think of a bunch of things for school but I'm braindead, heeeeelp @_@

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Journal Entry: Thu Jun 23, 2011, 6:08 AM
What would you say about that?

Srly, I need a bit of a prod, I don't know if I should...

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Kiriban time nau~

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 19, 2011, 12:11 PM
I want some fun~ *3* :iconrukiplz:

So, you all know how this works :3

I'll reach 5,000 pageviews some time soon, so if you catch it, take a screenshot and send it to me in whatever way you can find. The winner will get a drawing/portrait of their choosing ^-^ Digital or traditional, realistic or manga style, anything you think I can do :3

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Just trying out...

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 17, 2011, 5:42 PM
After several hours fighting with CSS, I think I've finished this skin XD

I'm just trying to figure out how this whole thing works
lame warai is lame, lol

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Just... thank you!

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 12, 2011, 5:03 AM
enough said XD

I think I'm not gonna leave dA for a whole month XD

Thanks to :iconmittilla: for creating such a wonderful journal skin! <3

lame journal is lame. lol.  but I wanted to try it out

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Realizing that someone who has helped you so much, who drowns you in happiness, is standing there, making their Dream come true, is more than I could ever ask for... "Arigatou" is the only word that comes to my mind in this moment... Their weeping mixes with your own... And there you can see that the tears shed with them are really worth it... I'm not good at words when something touches me so deep inside, but watching them standing there, fulfilling their dreams, sharing the same emotion, I feel I can't stop writing... "Miseinen", always the end... one of many... but at the same time a really special one... I feel so proud of what they've achieved... And I feel so proud that I got to live the fulfillment of their Dream, although I couldn't be there... In that last moment, in that well-known gesture that sets the end of each concert, I feel that I joined my hands with theirs, that we took the leap together... because that's how it was, though I wasn't there, my heart leaped with them... And the only word I can't stop spilling: "arigatou".
Those bows you do have gained all my respects... I know that it's been hard, but you're woth it... That's why I am so proud of being part of this heresy... Because nothing moves me like you do with your dreams...
You've embraced all of us who love and admire you... That honest and warm embrace, so meaningful, is the result of everything you've been struggling for...
You are worthy of admiration, from the whole world... Making such a big dream come true is not easy, but you prove you're worth it in every step you take... You deserve to be the biggest. This is the Nameless Liberty.
"Mata aimashou", it's a Pledge.

Ver a alguien que te ha llenado tanto, que te ha ayudado tanto, ahí de pie, cumpliendo sus sueños, es más de lo podría pedir nunca… “Arigatou” es lo único que me sale decir en estos momentos… Su llanto se complementa con el tuyo… Y ves que realmente merecen la pena las lágrimas que derramas con ellos… No soy buena con las palabras cuando algo me toca tan hondo, pero viéndolos ahora ahí, viéndolos cumplir su sueño, compartiendo la misma emoción, siento que no puedo dejar de escribir… “Miseinen”, siempre el punto final… Uno de tantos… Pero a la vez uno tan especial… Me siento tan orgullosa de lo que han conseguido… Y me siento tan orgullosa de haber vivido con ellos la culminación de su sueño, aunque fuese así, a distancia… En ese último momento, en el conocido gesto que marca el final de cada concierto, siento que he unido mis manos con ellos, que hemos dado ese salto juntos… Porque así es como ha sido, aunque no haya estado allí, mi corazón ha saltado con ellos… Y la única palabra que me sale, sin parar: “arigatou”.
Esas reverencias que hacéis se han ganado todo mi respeto… Sé lo duro que ha sido, y lo merecido que lo tenéis… Por eso me siento orgullosa de ser una hereje… Porque nada consigue moverme como lo hacéis vosotros con vuestros sueños…
Ese abrazo nos lo habéis dado a todos los que os queremos y admiramos… Ese abrazo tan sincero y conmovedor, tan lleno de significado, es el resultado de todo por lo que habéis estado luchando…
Sois dignos de la admiración del mundo… Cumplir un sueño de tal magnitud no es sencillo, pero vosotros demostráis todo lo que os merecéis con cada paso que dais… Os merecéis ser los más grandes.
“Mata aimashou”, it’s a Pledge.
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Well, this is the first time I write here, so believe me, I have to be really bored to spend my time doing this... anyway, I have already finished high school and all my exams and right now I'm quite bored... I have nothing to do... and I don't feel like doing anything so... xD
I'm hungry already... I think I'll keep going... xD
I'm really sorry if I made any mistake writing this... I'm Spanish and I tried to write something in English... =S so, sorry... xD
Bye! ^^
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